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1 FOCUS: The lens of focus differentiates between contributions that explore the functional, the experiential, and the social aspects of food-related technologies. Those contributions can respond to a variety of needs, as different as: supporting better dietary management, automating food production processes, enhancing a restaurant experience, and more. In our model, the focus of each contribution is positioned on a continuum between functionality and experience, where experience is divided into individual experiencing of food practice, and social bonding through and/or around food.

2 AGENCY: The role of technology in food practice can take many forms. From artifacts that have a high degree of autonomy, to those that empower humans to conduct food-related practices themselves. Our model affords analysis of HFI contributions according to the type of human-technology interplay they support. Does the contribution advance technology to take a more prominent and autonomous role in food practice? Or does it empower people to better relate to food themselves? Publications are analyzed on a continuum between person and technology.

3 DOMAIN: Food is present in many areas of human life. We propose 6 categories to classify the domain of HFI contributions. The categories relate to common food-related practices: source refers to foraging or buying food; store refers to practices of both storing and disposing of food; produce is about growing foods, as well as manipulating them to create more complex combinations, such as dishes or meals; track refers to the identification and measurement of foods and food practices; eat encompasses food consumption; and speculate refers to contributions exploring alternative food futures.